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These designs, alike the banners on top of this page, are created by
la tete and Le Grand
and made for people which don't like to use the silly worn out and simple greating cards and letters that every one can buy around the corner.

USE POSTCARD DESIGNS - powerbrain.com - delivers!

The following ones are designed for extraordinary human which like to print their own cards (billetdoux) and letter-heads, because they like it very special, but don't want to sit in front of the computer for hours to create a design that suit their needs. A sample out of the bundle follows. You may use these for privat need as long as You do not cover or delete the name of the designer.

64x100 (s_proz24.jpg)

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64x100 (s_pro8a.jpg)

Some of the designs do have imprints others don't, that may suit the very special guy which want to add his own words to the design. For that reason one can use a simple paint- or textprogram as is included in Win95 or others.

A precise readme-file is included in the bundle with the designs that are easy to use for everyone.


80x100 (s_pro16.jpg)

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You can order the bundle by simply sending Euro 69.- (plus delivery cost, if You want to have it send by mail).

If you pay in cash you can download the Design-bundle and you can save a few $s.
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Or simply send a short e-mail, saying I'm ordering the design bundle and money is on the way. Please, first of all do have a look at the order form!

And please don't forget Your e-mail and postal address!

The fastest way to your exclusive designs, email:
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