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To fill in this Order Form (if You use the MS-Internet Explorer)
click on View/Document Source, save the file, edit it and save it again.
Then close this file go back to the file You viewed before and click on click on  ok  when You can see the next window and fill 
in the Subject: .., write us a few words if You like. Tell us that money 
is on the way, that will make us happy, and after that click on insert/file 
and search for this file You saved before, click on the file and than on 
ok, click on file/send. That's all it is about to say.

Of course we know that the computerfreaks will not need this introduction. 
They will cut and copy, paste and so on, or find some different ... 
		perhaps print it, fill in the form and post it to ...

			         Order Form
I'm ordering the . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
(Please fill in above what You want to order! E.g. Design Bundle, Story 
Bundle, programs, services ect...)

For mailings, print and complete this form.  Then mail, fax,
e-mail, or telephone your order to:
HAMMER GESELLSCHAFT MBH                   Phone: +..43/(0)676/300 63 23 
St.Peter Hauptstr. 40		          Fax:   +..43/(0)676 300 63 24 
A-8042 Graz-St.Peter 						        
AUSTRIA                                     E-Mail:
						Subject: ...
PURCHASER ****************************************************************
	    Name: ________________________________________________________
	   Title: ________________________________________________________

	 Company: ________________________________________________________

	 Address: ________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ________________________________________________________

	 Country: ________________________________________________________
	   Phone: ________________________  Fax: _________________________
   Diskette Size: [ ] 3.5"   or delivery by [ ] e-mail   [ ] download

ORDER ********************************************************************
						QTY    AMOUNT
         retail package for Euro                  
	 					___1___ _____ ...,-
Delivery outside Austria, + US$ 20 (There are no additional cost _____
 for e-mail delivery, (download) and payment in cash!(registered letter)
						    TOTAL    ______  
PAYMENT ******************************************************************
[ ] Money order enclosed (in Euro or US$). 
Please note, we do not accept checks any more ! ! !
You can order by simply sending the money for the named sum in US$  
plus US$ 20.- for delivery by snail mail. If You want to have it send by 
mail (There are no mailing costs for e-mail (download) delivery!) post it to:

		 Hammer Gesellschaft mbH 
		 St.Peter Hauptstrasse 40
		 A-8042 Graz-St.Peter
oder legen Sie die Banknote, also den betreffenden Betrag, in einen Brief, aber wickeln Sie diese in zwei Blatt bedruckten Papiers, verschliessen Sie das Kuvert gut und senden Sie das Geld mit einigen Zeilen, (damit wir auch sicher gehen koennen was Sie kaufen wollen) und ihrer Email-Adresse an die obige Firmenadresse. Danach bekommen Sie den jeweiligen Zugangscode (Download Adresse) zu den Stories, ebooks oder den Online Programmen, etc.. Mit der Zusendung (Ueberweisung) von Geld bestaetigen Sie gleichzeitig, dass Sie volljaehrig und geschaeftsfaehig sind und dass Sie unseren Geschaeftsbedingungen, Nutzungs- und Lizenzbedingungen, voll zustimmen!

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